Obtaining a license file


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




You must have the serial number or upgrade voucher code to request a license file and to register for support.

See About the Mail Security license serial number

The license file that you receive from Symantec is contained within a .zip file. The .slf file that is contained within the .zip file is the actual license file. Ensure that your inbound email environment permits .zip email message attachments.

If you purchased multiple types of licenses but registered them separately, Symantec sends you a separate license file for each license. You must install each license file separately. If you registered multiple licenses at the same time, Symantec sends you a single license file that contains all of your licenses.


License files are digitally signed. When you try to edit a license file, it corrupts the file and renders it invalid.

To obtain a license file

  1. In a Web browser, type the following address:


    Your Web browser must use 128-bit encryption to view the site.

  2. If the Security Alert dialog box appears, click OK.

  3. Follow the procedures on the Symantec Licensing website to register your license and request your license file.

    Symantec sends you an email message that contains the license file in an attachment. If the email message does not arrive within two hours, an error might have occurred. Try again to obtain the license file through the Symantec Web site. If the problem continues, contact Symantec Technical Support.

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