Forwarding quarantined items to the Quarantine Server


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




You can configure Mail Security to forward local quarantine events to the Quarantine Server, if you have the Quarantine Server installed.

You can only forward the events that contain threats to the Quarantine Server.

To forward quarantined items to the Quarantine Server

  1. In the console on the primary navigation bar, click Monitors.

  2. In the sidebar under Views, click Quarantine Settings.

  3. In the content area under Quarantine Server, check Send quarantined items to Quarantine Server.

  4. Check Delete local quarantined items after forwarding to Quarantine Server to remove items from the local quarantine.

  5. In the Server Address box, type the IP address of the Quarantine Server.

  6. In the Server Port box, type the port number for the Quarantine Server.

  7. In the Network Protocol list, click the drop-down menu and select the appropriate network protocol.

  8. On the toolbar, click Deploy changes to apply your changes.

    See Deploying settings and changes to a server or group