How to apply latest pcAnywhere updates to pcAnywhere solution 12.6.7


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UPDATE: (6/6/2014) this issue has been resolved in pcAnywhere solution 12.6.8 as released with Symantec Managment Platform 7.5 sp1

(5/1/2013) A cumulative hotfix has been released for pcAnywhere Solution 12.6.7.  This hotfix is available through the Symantec Installation Manager.  The hotfix includes the latest pcAClientInstallManager.exe, build 8209, and does not require manual implementation as outlined in the below instructions.  For information about what is included in the hotfix see the HotFix1 readme.  Instruction for applying Hotfix1 are available in TECH206021.


If you have been instructed by Symantec Technical Support or have been referred here by a newer tech article, follow the instructions below.

Following are instructions to apply the latest pcAClientInstallManager.exe to each Notification Server (NS) in your environment which has pcAnywhere Solution 12.6.7:

  1. Turn off both the pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows – Install and pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows – Upgrade policies

  2. Store a backup copy of the original file from the pcAAgent package folder on the NS, \Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86\pcAAgent\pcAClientInstallManager.exe.   Save the backup in a different location on the NS, not in the pcAAgent folder.

  3. Download the attached zip file and and extract pcAClientInstallManager.exe to a temporary folder.

  4. Overwrite the original file, \Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86\pcAAgent\pcAClientInstallManager.exe, with the new file.

  5. Update the distribution points for the pcA install package: 
         Within the Symantec Management Console, navigate to Manage > All Resources > Package > Software Package
         Search for "pcAnywhere"
         Right-click the item "pcAnywhere Plug-in Package" and select "Update Distribution Points"

  6. Turn back on both the pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows – Install and pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows – Upgrade policies

If you were referred here from another document please refer back to that document for any special instructions on installing or cleaning up an install.  

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