How to upload the log files to Symantec Emea FTP server


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This article describes how to use standard command line and GUI FTP client to upload the log files to Symantec Emea FTP Server.




1.      In order to improve security and performance on the FTP server, the upload account's permission was restricted, user can NOT create folder (i.e. md, mkdir) and does NOT get LIST access (i.e. list,ls,dir).


2.      Any standard GUI based FTP client can be used, however most will error out initially since they will fail to get a directory listing. Simply ignore the error, manually enter the path, and then upload the content.


3.      All case evidence should uploaded to the FTP server in the folder provided by the Technical Support Engineer (example /incoming/12345678 , where 12345678 is the Case Number)


4.      Use the FTP server address and credentials provided by your Technical Support Engineer



5.   In case that uploading fails or 'times out', please try to divide the file into several parts with third party software like zip tool or file cutter, and compress each part individually. Then try to upload each part again. 


Option 1: Standard Command Line

1.      Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory which you saved the log files there (Figure 1).


Figure 1



2.      Input the following commands:

ftp <<ftp_server_name>>

User ( <<username>>

Password: <<password>>



cd /incoming/<<case_number>> (Note: <<case_number>> must be replaced with your actual case number. This folder needs to be created by the Technical Support Engineer on your behalf.)

put Log_Files (Memo: Log_Files is the name of the file you want to upload to the Symantec Emea FTP Server)



Option 2: GUI FTP client

This guide gives you a short overview on how to upload the logs.txt log files to Symantec Emea FTP server using the FileZilla FTP Client.

  1.      Launch FTP Client, input <<server name>> into the Host field ,put <<username>> into Username field and put <<password>> into Password field of the Quickconnect bar, press Enter to connect to Symantec EMEA FTP server.   (Note: Server address, username and password will be provided by the Technical Support Engineer.)


2.      After a successful connection attempt, you may receive a warning "553 Sorry, your are not allowed to list any directory on this system", this is just a warning you may continue with manually input the Folder_Name "/incoming/<<case number>>" into Remote site field and press Enter. (Note: /incoming/<<case number>> needs to be created by the Technical Support Engineer on your behalf.)


3.      Locate the file that you wish to upload in the left window pane (the "Local Site" pane). You can upload a file by double-clicking on it. To transfer multiple log files, select them and right-click the selection, then you can click on Upload in the popup menu. You can also drag the files from one side and drop them on the other side.