How to install Symantec Barcoder onto a handheld device


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Note: Symantec Barcoder is the application that Symantec Barcode Solution installs to a handheld device. To be able to install this, first the Symantec Barcode Manager must be installed on a workstation. The following related article describes how to do this:

How to install Symantec Barcode Manager onto a workstation

Note: Before beginning, if a scanner-only, a.k.a., stand-alone scanner, RFID or "dumb" canner, is being used, this article is not applicable to such devices. This article discusses how to install Symantec Barcoder to the supported handheld devices (a.k.a., PDA type devices with scanners) that run Windows Mobile, not for scanners that do not have Windows mobile and/or any OS. If the user is wanting to use such a device with Symantec Barcode, instead refer to the following article:

Can scanners with no operating system be used with Barcode Solution?

  1. Verify that Symantec Barcoder is designed to work with the handheld device and it's version of Windows Mobile, as listed here:

    What handheld devices is Barcode Solution 7.1 designed to work with?

    Warning: If the handheld device does not meet the requirements of the model and operating system, Symantec Barcoder can continue to be attempted to be installed and used, but if issues occur, Symantec Technical Support may not be able to assist in resolving these. Symntec Barcoder is only recommended and supported on those devices from HOWTO77011 only.
  2. Cradle the handheld device to the receiver attached to the workstation via USB and ensure that it is successfully connected and communicating to the Work Network in Windows Mobile Device Center, as seen below:

    Note: The handheld device must be successfully communicating to the workstation before continuing. It is recommended that the connection is performed over USB instead of Bluetooth or WiFi. A successful connection to the workstation will show the handheld device as a accessible device when using Windows Explorer and My Computer. The handheld device can be then opened and its folders navigated. If this is not occurring, perform device connection troubleshooting before continuing. Please contact the network administrator or the handheld device's vendor for assistance with troubleshooting device connection issues, as Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist with this.
  3. On the workstation that is to be used with Symantec Barcoder, log in as a local administrator that is a domain user and is also in an Altiris Security Role that has permissions to use Barcode. Note: The user must be logged in as a local administrator. A domain administrator account will work too, as long as it is part of the local administrators group for that workstation. If the user is not logged in while performing the install, it will not succeed even though it may appear to.
  4. In a Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Manage button > Service and Asset Management > Barcode.
  5. Click on the Barcode Solution folder at the top left of the window.
  6. Click on "Barcode Manager Installed: Install / Launch Barcoder on device". Tip: If "Install Barcode Manager" appears instead, Symantec Barcode Manager has not been installed. Refer to the related article HOWTO83344 to install this first, then continue with these instructions from step 7.
  7. The Data Synchronization -- Webpage Dialog window appears.
  8. If a Windows Internet Explorer window appears stating that one or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed, this must be corrected before continuing:

    a. Click on the OK button.
    b. Click on the "x" button to close the Data Synchronization window.
    c. Click on Internet Explorer's Tools menu > Security tab.
    d. Click on "Local intranet".
    e. Click on the Sites button.
    f. Click on the Advanced button.
    g. Add the hostname or IP address to the Symantec Management Platform Server. For example: http://alt-srv.
    h. Click on the Close button.
    i. Click on the OK button.
    j. Click on the OK button.

    Note: If you are unable to make the above changes, such as if on the Security tab, the message "Some settings are managed by your system administrator." appear, please contact your network administrator to have these changes made for you. This can often be locked down with a Group Policy (GPO), that your network administrator enforced on user accounts. These settings are required to be able to continue the installation of Symantec Barcoder onto this workstation. If these cannot be made, a different user account or workstation will need to be used instead that supports these changes before continuing.
  9. On the "Message from webpage" window, which states that Symantec Barcoder was not found or an older version was detected, click on the OK button.
  10. If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled and prompts to allow changes, click on the Yes button.
  11. If a Modify/Repair/Uninstall window appears, choose Modify and continue to follow the remaining instructions. Once this is finished, skip back to step 6. This window should not reappear once the instructions come back to this step, if so, there may be issues with the Symantec Barcode Manager or a previous Symantec Barcoder install. These may then need to be removed and reinstalled before continuing.
  12. The Symantec Barcoder Setup window appears. Click on the Next button. Tip: This window may also initially appear underneath the Console window. If this does not appear reasonably soon after steps 9 or 10, check the Windows Taskbar to be sure that it's not waiting there, behind other windows. If so, click on it to bring it to the foreground.
  13. After reviewing the Destination Folder, click on the Next button.
  14. The Symantec Barcoder Setup window now displays "Ready to Install the Application". Click on the Next button.
  15. The Add/Remove Programs window appears along with its Installing Applications window.
  16. When Barcoder is ready to be installed onto the handheld device, the Application Downloading Complete window appears, directing the user to check the handheld device for additional steps to complete its installation.
  17. On the handheld device, if the "New modem detected" window appears, tap Dismiss to set this up later or Work to configure this. Note: This is not needed for Barcoder to work.
  18. Software is installed to the handheld device. These include:

    Symbol Managed Class Libraries
    Symantec Barcoder 7.1 SP2 MP1 (or the version that was installed)
    SQLServerCompact 3.5 Core
    Socket SocketScan Software
    Socket Connect!Agent
    Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

    Tip: These can be verified after the installation by tapping on the Start button > Settings > System > Remove Programs.
  19. When the SocketScanCE installation finishes, it opens a widow. Tap on the OK button.
  20. Tap on the OK button to reboot.
  21. On the workstation, click on the OK button to close the Application Downloading Complete window.
  22. In the Symantec Barcoder Setup window, click on the Finish button. The Add/Remove Programs window should also then close as well, completing the installation process. Symantec Barcoder is now installed onto the workstation and handheld device. In Windows Programs and Features > Symantec Barcoder now appears.
  23. On the handheld device, Barcoder can be accessed by tapping on the Start button > Programs > Symantec Barcoder.

Note:  If more than one handheld device is needing to have Barcoder installed on the same workstation, dock the additional handheld device. Then, go to step 6. This should then check and see that Barcoder is not installed on this handheld device. From the Type menu that will shortly appear, choose Modify. Follow the onscreen prompts to install Barcoder.

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