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Which Altiris Knowledgebase articles are useful in assisting with SQL Server and Notification Server tuning?

The following list provides some of the Best Practices tuning documents for the Altiris Notification Server and Microsoft SQL Server. These documents can also help with common problems such as excess growth of the Altiris databases. Many of these articles are based on observations of customer environments and are provided as reference material.

Altiris recommends each individual administrator compare these recommendations against their existing environment to ensure these suggestions do not negatively impact their current configuration.

Useful Microsoft KB Articles related to SQL Server 2000:

  1. "How to configure SQL Server to use more than 2 GB of physical memory"
  2. "Enabling AWE Memory for SQL Server"
  3. "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Index Defragmentation Best Practices"
  4. "SQL Server 2000 Backup and Restore"

Useful Altiris articles:

Notification Server Maintenance:

  1. Article 19750, "Notification Server Maintenance"
  2. Article 17079, "How To: SQL Tuning and Maintenance for Notification Server"
  3. Article 33202, "Notification Server Basic Health Check"
  4. Article 21658, "Using the Notification Server's Server Performance Report"

SQL Server Maintenance:

  1. Article 3977, "SQL and large memory-external"
  2. Article 28122, "SQL Tuning and Performance"
  3. Article 1068, "Database growing too large"
  4. Article 21584, "The Database has grown very large, how can I fix it?"
  5. Article 21310, "How do I determine what the database table sizes are per solution?"
  6. Article 18828, "How can I do a Database Defrag?"
  7. Article 39270, "I configure Purge Maintenance to work on a Reporting Notification Server?"
  8. Article 1495, "General SQL tuning tips for Notification Server"
  9. Article 1317, "How to setup an SQL maintenance plan"
  10. Article 41157, "How to execute a systematic SQL rebuild of indexes"

SQL Server 2005/2008:


   1. Article 49632, "Optimizing SQL Server 2005 on Windows Server 2003"
   2. Article 40488, "Creating a maintenance plan in SQL Server 2005 or 2008 to optimize database performance"
   3. Article 45425, "Common Performance Monitor counter thresholds"
   4. Article 25784, "How can I reorganize or rebuild my Altiris database indexes on a SQL 2005 server for improved performance?"
   5. Article 30570, "How can I get a report that shows me the database fragmentation on a SQL 2005 server?"

LDF file growing too large:

  1. Article 18018, "Large .ldf Transaction log file"
  2. Article 18204, "How to shrink the Notification Server transaction log"
  3. Article 20649, "Transaction log filling up preventing inventory from reporting"