How can I enable or disable Inventory History?
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How can I enable or disable Inventory History?


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IT Management Suite



I see in the resource manager, for some computers, that some of the inventory dataclasses have a History tab. This History tab shows when specific dataclasses were changed and what the change was. I also see that there is a reference to the history table name 'InvHist_...'

How can I enable or disable this Inventory History?


ITMS 7.x, 8.x


You can enable the Inventory History function on the console by going to Settings>All Settings>Notification Server>Resource and Data Class Settings>Resource History>Resource Data History tab>Inventory Solution.

For example, if you want to enable Basic Inventory or Unix User Usage history, check the check box for that dataclass to start collecting history.

Here you can specify if you want to keep 6 months for example of data for the Inv_UNIX_User_Usage table or 1 million rows (whichever comes first). The data will be stored in a new table called "InvHist_UNIX_User_Usage"  for example.



By simply unchecking this check box it will no longer store any more history.

Note: Disabling Resource History will not purge already stored history, so you may want to truncate the table for the data to be purged.