How can I enable or disable Inventory History?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





I see in the resource manager, for some computers, that some of the inventory dataclasses have a History tab. This History tab shows when specific dataclasses were changed and what the change was. I also see that there is a reference to the history table name 'InvHist_...'

How can I enable or disable this Inventory History?

You can enable the Inventory History function on the console by going to Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Settings > Resource History.

For example, if you want to enable Basic Inventory history, check the check box for that dataclass to start collecting history.

By simply un-checking this check box it will no longer store any more history.

Note: Disabling Resource History will not purge already stored history, so you may want to truncate the table for the data to be purged.