How do I change the AClient agent settings for all Deployment Server managed computers?


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How do I correctly change the AClient settings to all the computers in my environment?


  1. Open the remote agent installer.
  2. On the second screen, click the Change Settings button.
  3. Edit all the settings here to reflect what you desire them to be. Click OK.
  4. Click Next until you get to the Selecting Clients screen. Add one computer here (doesn't matter which computer). Click Export.
  5. You now have two files that were exported. Delete the .rci file.
  6. Copy the .inp file to a folder in your eXpress share. (Using the samples folder is a good option.)
  7. Create a new job Update AClient Setting.
  8. Add a Copy File to task
    1. Browse to the correct source path of the file the was created and copied to the eXpress share
    2. Replace the contents of the Destination path with the following:


      Note: This line must be entered in exactly.
    3. Finish creating this task.
  9. Test this new job by dragging it to a computer.You can watch the aclient go inactive and then reconnect with the new settings.
  10. Right-click on the All Computers in the Deployment Solution console and go to Change Agent Settings > Production Agent. Change these settings to reflect the settings to match what was done in step 3.
  11. Drag this new job to all computers.

The advantage of using a job like this to change agent settings is so you can see which clients actually run the job and which ones do not. The problem with right-clicking all computers and changing the production agent settings is that it only runs on the agents that are connected.