How to change the FQDN of an on-premises App Center, post installation


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The domain where the App Center server resides has changed from that which it was configured for during its initial installation (e.g.  from:, to: The links within the e-mail invitations, and for the client downloads, are no longer correct for how users should be accessing the server. Is it possible to change the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the App Center server?


It is possible to change the configured domain for App Center by following these steps:

  1. Reconfigure the operating system to match the desired FQDN (Note: this is not required, but is good practice)
  2. If using SSL for the web server, obtain a revised certificate and key for the new FQDN of the server, update the following files, then restart the nginx daemon:
    /usr/local/nukona/certs/configurator/gd_bundle.crt  (certificate bundle)
    /usr/local/nukona/certs/configurator/sign.crt  (App Center server's certificate)
    /usr/local/nukona/certs/configurator/sign.key  (App Center server's private key)

    # service mm-nginx restart
  3. Edit the ON_PREM_INSTALL and SITES_DOMAIN settings in the file:  /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu/appstore_cu/, to match the new/desired domain
  4. Change the current working directory to: /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu/, then run:  # python scripts appstore site

Note:  No other daemons need to be restarted after this change.

  1. a)  In addition to the FQDN being referenced by the invitation e-mails and links to download the App Center clients, it is also used by the App Center Client (ADA) and wrapped apps. After completing the above steps, each app will need to be re-wrapped:
    To re-wrap an app, either the policy can be removed then re-added to the app, or any change can be made the associated App Policies.
    b)  Additionally, both the Android ADA and iOS ADA will need to be recompiled:
    For the Android ADA, in the App Center console access:  Settings > Branding > Rebuild Android App Center Client. The iOS Native Client will need to be recompiled using the App Center Builder and re-uploaded to the server. Each mobile device will then need to update their ADA installation, as well as the wrapped apps.