How to install the Altiris Agent using the Notification Server IP address when the server name cannot be resolved


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




The Notification Server is installed in a WorkGroup or Domain where computers in other Sites or Domains are only able to resolve the IP address of the Notification Server and not the Server Name. How can the Altiris Agent be pushed using the IP address of the Notification Server only?


You need to add some switches for the AexSWDInstSvc (Altiris Agent Installation Service) program.

  1. Under Altiris Agent Installation page (under Configuration > Altiris Agent > Altiris Agent Rollout), open the Installation Settings page.
  2. Under Specify Different Notification Server, add the IP address of your Notification Server (to look something like this:
  3. Under Additional Parameters add the following switches:
    • -u
    • -s
    • -w

(to look like this: -u Client Package/AeXNSC.exe -s -w

  1. Then push the Altiris Agent.

For more details about AeXSWDInstSvc commands, see article 38380, "AeXSWDInstSvc (Altiris Agent Installation Service) Command Line Arguments."

See article 29334, "How to manage computers from different domains (without trust relationship between domains) from a single Notification Server" for more references about computers in multiple domains.