How to reset the Barcode User Security


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Barcode User Security Reset

Barcode User Security Reset will overwrite the Barcode User role permissions to a default state. When reset to default state, the Barcode User role will have the required permissions to allow handheld devices to sync with the Barcode Server.


This installer resets the security configuration for the Barcode User role to a default state, and fixes an issue where Barcode User doesn't have sufficient permissions to Sync without including Asset Manager role, which causes incomplete sync or runtime errors on the handheld device.

Applies To

Altiris Barcode Solution from Symantec 7.1 SP1, 7.1 SP2, 7.1 SP2 HF1, and 7.1 SP2 MP1.

Applying the Barcode User Security Reset

  1. Before continuing, it is recommended to make a full backup of the Symantec Management Platform database (Symantec_CMDB) in SQL. Please refer to your DBA if you need assistance with this step.
  2. Copy the attached "Barcode_User_Security_Reset_-_GA.msi" file onto the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) server and install while logged in as an Administrator user. The setup process will inform you of the actions to be done, then proceed to do them automatically when you confirm.
  3. Review the Altiris Log Viewer for any warnings or errors after the security reset has been installed. In the normal course of operation Barcode User Security Reset will not create any warnings or errors but will create verbose log entries.
  4. After executing the installer, an entry for 'Barcode User Security Reset' will remain in your Control Panel list of installed programs, to confirm it has been run on the server. However please note that uninstalling it will not undo the configuration changes.  To roll back changes please restore your previous backup of your SMP server.


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