Using Whole Disk Encryption Command Line tool to enter Local Self Recovery Questions


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This Article describes how to create LSR or Local Self Recovery questions using the WDE command line tools on a Windows system. 

  1. Click Start>Run.
  2. Type cmd in the Open field and click OK.
  3. Change to the following directory  for 32-bit OS c:\Program Files\PGP Corporation\PGP Desktop  or for 64-bit OS then  c:\Program Files<x86>\PGP Corporation\PGP Desktop
  4. Type pgpwde --recovery-configure --user <username> --passphrase <phrase> --domain-name <domain> --disk <disk number> --interactive
  5. Press Enter.
  6. This will prompt you to enter a question. Enter question you want to be asked and press Enter.
  7. This will prompt you for an answer. Enter the answer to the question entered on 6 and press Enter.
  8. Continue this process through all 5 of the questions and answers and press Enter.

For More information on how to use PGP WDE command line tools you can click here and download the version of PGP WDE command line guide for your system.