When using SCSP DCS How to monitor a log file that has a changing name, based on date?


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Critical System Protection Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Server Advanced




To monitor log files with changing file names (e.g. log file getting rolled over once the roll over criteria is met and renamed it to test.log.1 etc.)you can use Template policy.
In the template policy, you can create a custom rule of category Text Log. and specify the value of 'Text Log Path' with wild characters.

e.g. C:\Temp\*     --> Watch every file in C:\Temp
C:\Temp\*.log --> Watch every file in C:\Temp ending with .log and so on.

There is also a single character wildcard that can be used.  For example you may have a file that rolls over in name after 0-9 is used.  Then you can use the '?' character.
e.g. C:\Temp\FileName1.log
If this log rolls over you can monitor this with C:\Temp\FileName?.log
You can also use C:\Temp\FileName??.log if the file rolls over with two digits and so on.


So you can enter an appropriate value according to your needs.

Please note: We do monitor files that are actively being written.