What causes computers to swap in the Deployment Solution Console?


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What causes computers to "swap" in the Deployment Solution console?


There are several causes for computer icons to swap naming identifiers in the Deployment Solutions console.

  • The most common reason is related to the management of blade servers. Blade servers are enumerated by rack, enclosure and MAC address. Name swapping will occur if the rack and enclosures are not named and/or not uniquely named. (This may also cause blade servers icons to not show in the Deployment Solution console or to show with unusual information.)
  • Though highly unlikely, it is possible that two systems can have the same MAC address. Similarly, two systems might have the same UUID or Serial number. In any of these cases, if you're using only one Unique Identifier (Primary Lookup Key in DS 6.9), which ever system last "checked in" will be displayed in the console. This can cause name switching every few seconds.


  • For blade servers, be sure the racks and enclosures are named and named uniquely.  The rack names should all be unique and the enclosure names should all be unique within a rack.
  • For UUID duplication, you may be able to change it with a BIOS utility. UUID is coded into the BIOS, so if you can get a utility to change this, you may be able to resolve the problem.
  • For UUID, MAC, or Serial Number duplicates that can't be changed, you may need to pick a different Unique Identifier within Deployment Solution. We generally find that UUID is the safest bet, but that's not always the case.