New computer configured with name, computer name, and serial number shows up with a gray icon


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I have two Deployment Solution installations where I have upgraded to the release code of version 6.8 SP2. One server was upgraded from version 6.8 SP2 Beta, and the other was upgraded from version 6.8 SP1. These are both evaluation servers, one DEV and one TEST. In both cases, when adding new computers, they no longer appear as pre-configured computer accounts. Our standard procedure when creating new computer accounts in the console is to populate the Name, Serial Number, and Computer Name fields with the serial number of the computer. With the new code installed, the new computer account shows up with the gray icon now, not the yellow.

If I only populate the Name and Computer Name fields and leave the Serial Number field blank, the new computer account appears as a pre-configured computer.

In previous versions of Deployment Solution, this only occurred if the MAC address was provided when creating the computer account. I have looked through the documentation, but I cannot find any information about this. I tried changing the default lookup key from Serial Number to something else, but that had no effect.

Is this is a new feature change in the product?  

Now in Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2, a computer that is imported or created in the console that uses any of the possible primary lookup keys (Serial Number, UUID, MAC address, and so on) will show up as a managed computer and not a virtual computer. If the process is followed, this actually makes a lot more sense than the previous method. If a computer is created with a Serial Number, you would want only that computer with that Serial Number to take that record. The yellow computer icons would allow you to select from a list of computer names when booting to automation. This doesn't really make sense if you already imported into the database a unique identifier.