Is there a way to disable "Enable Verbose Reporting of Package Status Events" on all existing Packages?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




There are two parts to capture Package Status Events on the Notification Server. First, on the Notification Server Console there is the "AeX SWD Package" option on the Events tab of Global Altiris Agent Settings (Configuration > Altiris Agent > Altiris Agent Configuration > Global Altiris Agent Settings > Events tab). 


Second is the option that is located on the Advanced tab of a Software Delivery Package and is named "Enable Verbose Reporting of Package Status Events". This option is enabled by default for all created Software Delivery Packages.

The option in the Global Altiris Agent Settings policy has priority, and thus needs to be enabled for the option on the Software Delivery Package to have any affect.

AeX SWD Package events are sent when the following occur:

  • New Package
  • Package Updated
  • Package To Be Removed
  • Package Removed
  • Unable To Check Package
  • Unable To Check Package
  • Insufficient Disk To Download
  • Download Complete
  • Package Download Blocked

The AeX SWD Package events are not required and, in environments where the Notification Server has a lot of clients, can cause unneeded burden on the Notification Server. So in some large environments, the AeX SWD Package events are disabled on the Notification Server. 

But what if we need the Package Events turned on for one package? How can we do that?


Note: For SMP 7, see HOWTO32572 "How to disable "Enable Verbose Reporting of Package Status Events" on all existing Packages in SMP 7"

Package Events from large packages may be desirable in an environment where the AeX SWD Package events are currently disabled. To enable capture of these events, we must first disable the "Enable Verbose Reporting of Package Status Events" option on all existing packages on the Notification Server. To do that, the following SQL statements are given as a hint:

(Important) Step 1) There is a slight possibility that the state column may be greater than 8,000 for packages. To check the size of the State column for packages, the following SQL is suggested:   NOTE:: If this first query returns values larger than 8000, DO NOT attempt to use the Update query listed in Step 2.

select datalength(state)
from  item
where guid in (select packageid from swdpackage where _latest = 1)
order by 1 desc

Step 2) If the values returned by the above query are below 8000, proceed with this query:

update Item
set [State] = replace( cast([state] as varchar(8000)),'statusEvents enabled="true"','statusEvents enabled="false"')
where guid in (select packageid from swdpackage where _latest = 1)

After disabling the Verbose Reporting of Package Satatus Events, the AeX SWD Package Event setting can be enabled.