What causes the task message "Run Completed Asynchronously"


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




The Run History tab for specific advertisements shows a status of Run Completed Asynchronously. What causes this message?

While the circumstances of the actual issue may vary, the basic cause is the same. If the Altiris Agent service restarts (for any reason) while a task has not returned any sort of status, it assumes it completed successfully and displays the message about running asynchronously.

A few possible scenarios are:

  1. System restarts, either because of the deployed software or some other source before a return code is provided.
  2. The Agent service is restarted for any reason (other than reboot). If you execute a task then restart the agent service, you'll notice the asynchronously message as well.
  3. The software install never provided a return code back to the agent. This means the next time the computer or service restarts, this will turn the status into asynchronously.