Why doesn't the Altiris Agent properties display the Options category?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




When you right-click the Altiris Agent icon in the system tray, and you select the Altiris Agent from the menu, why doesn't Options show up on the Software Delivery tab along with Package Tasks, Application Tasks, and Package Description?

Options will not show up on the Altiris Agent properties Software Delivery tab with Package Tasks, Application Tasks, and Package Description until the agent computer has successfully downloaded an agent configuration. 

To verify this do the following: 

  1. The Agent Configuration tasks are enabled ('Notification Server console > Configuration tab > Configuration > Altiris Agent > Altiris Agent Configuration').
  2. The agent computer shows up in the collections that the Agent Configuration tasks are assigned to.
  3. The agent computer has communicated with the Notification Server and has a record in the database ('Resource tab > Resource Management > Collections > Computer Collections > All Computers').