Frequently Asked Questions: Symantec Product Improvement Program
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Frequently Asked Questions: Symantec Product Improvement Program


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IT Management Suite


The Symantec Product Improvement Program is a voluntary program designed to help Symantec improve the user experience by anonymously collecting product and system information and evaluating feature usage. The program also collects information about the success or failure of installation and upgrade processes. The information collected does not contain personal or company contact or other identifiable information. When enabled, the program automatically sends information to Symantec about how you use the IT Management Suite solutions and their features. The information collected from your system is combined with other customers’ information to help Symantec evaluate the features used most often by customers and to improve their performance.


What types of information does the program collect?

The Symantec Product Improvement Program collects a limited set of information about Symantec IT Management Suite products and their usage.

The following list shows examples of the types of information collected:

  • Information about common usage bottlenecks so that future IT Management Suite releases can reduce or eliminate these bottlenecks
  • Installed solutions
  • Number of site servers and  Notification Servers to help Symantec improve sizing and performance targets
  • Most common database queries to optimize the database and target specific performance improvements
  • Other counts/usage metrics to improve, optimize and simplify common tasks and use cases within the Symantec Management Console
  • Information about the success or failure of installation and upgrade processes

Will I be contacted or receive spam when I participate?

No. Information collected by the Symantec Product Improvement Program cannot be used to contact you. This means that you will not be asked to participate in surveys or to read junk mail, and you will not be contacted in any other way.

Is the Symantec Product Improvement Program spyware?

No. Spyware can collect information or act on your computer without your full knowledge or consent. 

How do I opt in to the Symantec Product Improvement Program?

Participation in the program is enabled by default.