Altiris Connector Solution fails to Import/Export data if the license file is expired


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By design, Altiris Connector Solution 6.x cannot be used to import/export data into or from the Altiris database if its license has expired. This will result in an error about the "Connector Solution Integration Component" is not licensed when an import rule is attempted to be ran.

Please Note: The End of Support Life date for the Notification Server 6.x and all associated solutions, including Altiris Connector Solution 6.x, was March 7, 2014. As of this date, there is no longer any live technical support for any NS 6.x product, whether the customer has an active product license or not. For more information, please see:

To help transition customers from NS 6.x to the new Symantec Management Platform 7.x, Symantec Technical Support has provided a complimentary extended Connector Solution 6.x license in this article. This is good until March 25, 2016. As mentioned above, however, this does not extend the customer's support period, which is detailed in the customer's support contract, not by the status of product licenses. The customer would also need to have working CMDB Solution and Asset Management Solution licenses if they wish to view or edit the assets that are imported in by Connector Solution. If the customer no longer has usable CMDB Solution and Asset Management Solution licenses, this Connector Solution license effectively only enables the Connector Solution to export data (as otherwise imported data cannot be used by CMDB/Asset without their licenses being usable), such as for a data migration. The customer should, however, use the Data Migration Wizard instead of Connector to migrate data, as this is much easier to use. Instructions on how to use the Data Migration Wizard can be found in the respective platform version's implementation guides, or can be searched for in the Symantec Knowledge Base


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