How to add a custom web part to a ServiceDesk/Workflow page in ServiceDesk/Workflow?


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Workflow Solution ServiceDesk




  1. Publish a web form to the portal
  2. When in the portal go to Admin > Service Catalog Settings
  3. Select the Category where the form was published
  4. Click the lightning bolt icon for the form and select Edit Form option
  5. Under WebPart Information tab check the box Is Web Part
  6. Set up necessary permissions
  7. Click Save
  8. Go to Site Actions > Pages List, select the page where you need to add a new web part and click Go To Page
  9. Go to Site Actions > Modify Page, again to Site Actions and select Add Web Part
  10. Under Service Catalog category select FormFrameWebPart, specify the zone to add it to and click Add
  11. Click the lightning bolt icon on a web part and select Edit
  12. In the Forms drop-down list select the required form, adjust the required settings, click Apply and OK