Standalone Security Replication options


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




7.1 Sp2 introduces the with the standalone replication for Security three new radial button options:

1. Replicate All(All selected items are replicated whether they have changed or not.)
2. Replicate if Changed (Selected items replicate if a difference in item properties is found.)
3. Replicate Security Only (Security configuration for all the selected items is replicated.)

The first option will replicate all selected items (roles or privileges) regardless whether they have changed or not since previous replication. So in
such case every time your standalone replication rule is triggered (by schedule) then selected items will be unconditionally replicated to the chosen
destination NS-es.

The second option allows minimize overhead of successive replications skipping from the selected items those which have not changed since previous replication.

The third option will not replicate the selected items itself but only their security configuration (mostly membership information).

These do NOT replicate permissions that the selected roles have permissions on.