Changes to the WDE Activity Report in PGP Universal Server 3.2.1 and later


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Starting with PGP Universal Server 3.2.1, the WDE Activity Report behavior has changed.  These changes allow the report to run in the background which improves performance, allows the report to run asynchronously, and provides an immediate response in the PGP Universal Server administrative interfaceI.  It also resolves problems with large reports causing a timeout in the interface.

When running the new report, you are prompted to enter your email address.  Once entered, the report will generate in the background and you will receive an email notification once the report has finished generating. This email will include a link to download the report and the link is good for seven days after which the report will be purged.  Any administrator with appropriate privileges should be able to access the report.

All reporting activity will be recorded in the Administration log. You may see the following entries:

  • ${admin name} requested WDE Activity report - Appears when a report has been requested and shows who requested it.
  • Running WDE Activity report - Indicates that the report is currently being generated.
  • WDE Activity report is generated and saved to: ${report name} - Indicates that the report is done and what the filename of the report is.
  • WDE Activity report retrieval email to ${email address} - Indicates that the notification email was sent and to whom.
  • Error occurred during WDE Activity report generation: ${email address} - Indicates that the report failed to generate.
  • Error occurred during WDE Activity report notification: ${email address} - Indicates that the notification email could not be sent. If this happens, other system-generated emails such as the Daily Status and Web Messenger notifications will likely be unable to send.

Note: If you are using a WDE-only environment, you may need to configure a mail route in order to receive these notification emails.

For additional information on troubleshooting notification emails, refer to KB article TECH190666.