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Point-fixes are available for some versions, as explained directly below. Further down is a registry key to do this from version 7.5 SP1 onwards.

The attached Point-fix is provided "As is" and removes this button. No other changes are made to the Software Portal with this "fix".

As many have shown interest in removing this button from the Portal, this release is provided.

To apply the Point-fix follow below steps:

  1. Copy the files onto a directory on the NS (not within the Altiris directory structure).
  2. Log onto the server as the Application Identity.
  3. Launch the PF_Installer script to install the PF. Services will be restarted.

NOTE: This fix has not undergone full QA testing, and thus is provided "As is".

A new point fix for 7.1 SP2 MP1 has been created and attached to this article.

Symantec Development is working to develop a permanent fix in the next major release.


A similar functionality to disable the "Request Unlisted Software" button from the Software Portal is available starting from 7.5 SP1 release. Several Registry keys have been added to hide / unhide the button.

From 7.5 SP1 onwards it is possible to disable the button "Request Unlisted Software" by adding the ‘DisableUnlisted’ String value with a value data '1' on the SMP server.

Add it under:
                HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Altiris\PointFixes (If the 'PointFixes' key is present)
Create the SWM key if it does not exist.
After adding the key, refresh or reopen the Software Portal page to see the button as grayed out.

To restore simply remove the whole registry value added.

NOTE: For ITMS 8.1 the same registry key mentioned above works without the need for a special pointfix. The "Request Unlisted Software" button becomes greyed out.

Symantec Engineering is tentatively working on UI changes to move this option into the UI in a future version.

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