How to manually update a task server using software delivery


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




 Note: The following is provided as a reference but the steps may be slightly different in some scenarios. 

1.       Put script and executables in one folder without any other files.
2.       Install Software Management Solution plug-in on Remote Task Server
3.       Import new software recourse (files from attachment 1 (called We just point to *.cmd file )
Note: The next screen shot is for older pointfixes that use the install.cmd. For pointfixes after 7.1 SP2 MP1 v3 the pfinstaller.exe is used. See TECH207449 for command line parameters. Also here provided as reference:

Example command line:    “PFinstaller.exe” I h t

                       I – install

                      h- hidden

                      t- task server

                     ib - remove existing backup folder (pointfix may fail if one is already there)


4.       Create Quick Delivery task


5.       Select Task Servers

 6.       Click “OK” on QD Task.
This will  run QD Task on Task Servers , execute batch file and update DLL.

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