How can I run WiseComCapture.exe against several files at one time?


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The WiseComCapture.exe utility is time consuming to use when I have several .dll files to process. How can I make this task simpler?

WiseComcapture can be added to your context menu and all .dll files can be processed at one time. Follow the steps below to execute WiseComCapture againt several .dll files at one time:

  1. Add the following registry keys to the computer on which the .dll files reside by creating a .reg file with the contents listed below (wcc.reg).
  2. Select the files to run WiseComcapture against.
  3. Right-click after the files are highlighted and start WiseComCapture.
  4. A .reg file will be created for each file selected in the same directory that includes the original .dll files.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Wise Com Capture"

@="C:\\Program Files\\Altiris\\Wise Package Studio\\Windows Installer Editor\\WiseComCapture.exe \"%1\" \"%1.reg\""

-----end wcc.reg-----

Note: Adjust the path in the reg file listed above to WiseComCapture.exe with the location of wisecomcapture on your computer.