Bypass content filtering rules for white listed good senders


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Messaging Gateway


Senders in "Local Good Senders Domains" are being caught by content filtering rules. This document explains how to bypass a single content filter or all content filters.


Content filtering rules are not bypassed by default when a sender is added to the Good Senders list.


The Symantec Messaging Gateway Local good senders group by default will bypass scanning of spam but content filters and virus scanning of the messages is still performed.

To bypass content policies for the senders in the Local Good Senders group perform the following. 

(**Please Note:  Applying a bypass of any or all rules for local senders may will apply to all email addresses and domains listed.  This may open issues for spoofed messages to your domain. **)

  1. In the Messaging Gateway Control Center click the Reputation button
  2. On the Left Side Click the Good Senders under “Policies"
  3. On the right select "Local Good Senders Domains"
  4. Select the “Add” button under the Actions area.
  5. In the "First" Drop down Select Bypass Content Filtering Policy.
  6. In the "Second" drop down select the Policy you wish to bypass. Or you can select "All Content Filtering Policies".  If you wish to add multiple policies but not all you will need to add each of them individually.
  7. Click the "Add Action" button.
  8. Once all Actions have been added click the save button in the Good Senders Group.