Setting Group Policy order in PGP Universal Server 3.2


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Groups were introduced in 3.0 version of universal server. This made it possible for a single user to be in more than one group at a time. In order to make sure a user was in the correct group the Group Policy Order was setup. This allows for an administrator to change a users effective group so that the user is able to get a modified consumer policy.

 Effective Group Before

After logging in go to Consumers>Groups:
Click the Policy Group Order… button at the bottom of the page.
Now change the group that you want to be the effective policy above your current effective policy.
Changing Policy Group Order Before
The page will refresh and your effective policy for your user is now changed.
Policy Group Order after refresh
Now if you check your user you will see that the effective group is now the group is now the one that has the lowest number on the Policy Group Order.
Users Effective Group Policy after