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How do I launch a Web page from the Finish button?


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I want to launch a Web page on the Finish button on the exit dialog. For this I have created a custom action (Action1),  Launch Web Page, in all custom actions, and there I specified the URL for the Web page. I added Action1 as a DoAction event on the Finish button, before EndDialog. But the Web page is not launched. What should I do, to launch the Web page on the Exit dialog?

Unfortunately, the Launch Web Page action just launches a Web page whereever that action is in the script.

To get around that, you can do the following (the .msi attached to this article launches Internet Explorer* and goes to the Wise Web site once the Finish button is clicked).

  1. In the MSI Script, go to the Installation type at the top and select the Custom action.
  2. Add the Execute Program from Destination action. For the Custom Action name, give it whatever name you want.

    Working Directory: ProgramFilesFolder
    EXE and Command Line:[ProgramFilesFolder]Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe ""

  3. Click OK.
  4. From Setup Editor > Dialogs > Exit Dialog, double-click on the Finish button.
  5. In the Events tab select the Add button.

    for the Event: DoAction
               Argument: (enter the custom action name created in Step 2)
               Condition: 1

  6. Click OK and compile.

This will allow you to launch a Web page once the end-user clicks the Finish button.


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