How to rename an OS image in Deployment Solution 7.1.1.


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Deployment Solution




There is no place in the GUI for Deployment Solution 7.1.1 in the Symantec Management Console to rename a OS image. It can, however, be accomplished using the following procedure.


- Open the procedure in the image explorer. That could be Ghostexp or imgexp. The explorers are found under 'ghost' or 'rdeploy' typically at C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler.

- Save the image under the new name. This is a temporary version of the OS file.

- Use the ResourceImportTool to import the new version of the image. Note: Typically, images for deployment are prepared using Sysprep.

- Delete the original image and the temporary version. The ResourceImportTool makes a separate copy of the image file.

- Remove the resource for the older version of the image. This is located in SMC under Manage | Resource. From the dropdown locate 'Software Component' and then select 'Image Resource'. Find the listing for the old version of the OS image. Click OK and delete.