FAQ's for PGP WDE Local Self Recovery Questions for PGP Whole Disk Encryption in a Managed Environment


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Q: What are the PGP WDE Local Self Recovery questions and what is the advantage of configuring them?

A: PGP WDE Local self recovery questions provide a way for users to access encrypted drives from the PGP BootGuard screen if they have forgotten their passphrases. Users can log in by answering security questions they have previously configured. When configured, users will not have to contact an administrator for assistance.


Q: How many questions have to be answered correctly for me to be able to start my encrypted computer to access data?

A: You have to answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly in order to be able to access the encrypted computer.


Q: I am an administrator, is it possible for me to predefine the PGP WDE local self recovery questions for the user on PGP Universal Server?

A: No, you can't predefine the questions for the users. PGP WDE local self recovery questions can only be configured locally on the computer by the individual user.


Q: If I enable the PGP WDE Local Self Recovery questions in the policy, when will the users be prompted to create the PGP WDE Local Self Recovery questions?

A: This happens during the enrollment after the user entered his/her SSO password.


Q: Can I configure my own questions or do I have to select the ones from the list?

A: Yes, you can create your own questions. In the drop down menu you can choose to create your own question.


Q: I have forgotten the answers to my PGP WDE Local Self Recovery questions, what do I have to do to be able to access my encrypted computer?

A: If you have forgotten the answers to your questions you will have to contact your administrator to provide you with an alternative way to access your computer.


Q: I am an administrator and I have now decided that I want to disable the PGP WDE local self recovery questions for the users in the policy. Which affect will it have on the users?

A:If you disable the feature in the policy then the existing user questions are removed. Not only will new users not have access to this feature, existing users also cannot use their security questions. If you later add the feature again, user security questions are not restored, and all users must configure new questions.


Q: Where are the Local Self Recovery questions stored?

A: The Local Self Recovery questions are stored in the PGP Bootguard. They are never uploaded to the Universal Server.