SQL report to list basic inventory received date of all managed clients


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Please use the following SQL code to get a report to list 'basic inventory received date' of all managed clients

The report might be required in the following scenarios, to make sure;
A). All clients are successfully submitting basic inventory
B). In a large & distributed network all clients are maintaing connection with SMP.
C). SMP agent service is Active & in a healthy state i.e. agent service crash issue


Copy the following code in SQL code section while creating a new report.

1. SMP Console > Reports > all reports
2. Reports > Right Click > New > Report > SQL report


--- SQL to get basic inventory report
select vcx.Name, vcx.Domain, vcx.[IP Address], vcx.[User], vcx.[OS Name],
rus.ModifiedDate as 'Basic.Inventory.Received'
from ResourceUpdateSummary rus
inner join vComputerEx vcx on vcx.Guid = rus.ResourceGuid
where rus.InventoryClassGuid = 'C74002B6-C7B9-47BB-A5D6-3031AF73BB8D' --AeX AC Identification
and vcx.IsManaged = 1
order by rus.ModifiedDate
-- end of report.