How to block Dropbox with Edge SWG Categories
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How to block Dropbox with Edge SWG Categories


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Dropbox is a Web-based storage service that enables users to store and share files over the Internet. It includes a client-server model that synchronizes the content between the client machine that has the dropbox client installed (local) and the Dropbox server that is accessible via the Internet.

Should a policy require to block access to Dropbox, this can be configured in the following ways:

  • If SWG is licensed with the URL filtering Add-on, Dropbox access can be blocked by setting the sub-category Web Storage (inside the Content Filtering Category called IT) to block.
  • Dropbox access can be blocked by creating a blacklist under Policies -> Blacklist entry such as: *

Both options can coexist if necessary, but this is not required.

The result of these changes should be confirmed by looking at the Custom Reports section under Reports. Results may vary depending of the way SWG has been deployed as SWG must be able to intercept HTTPS traffic.

These steps will not work if SWG is in inline only mode (unless an external upstream proxy is involved).

For details on how to configure Content Filtering policies and Blacklists, check the product documentation.