Does Altiris Barcode Solution run on an iPhone or iPad?


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Barcode Solution is not supported on any smart phone, tablet or any other devices type other than those handheld devices (e.g., older Windows Mobile devices) and scanners that are Symantec certified and tested and found in DOC5695 or in older Barcode version release notes articles.

Barcode Essentials for the Apple iOS iPhone and iPad

The developer of Barcode Solution, Basis Design, provides a different product that runs on iPhones and iPads, which is Barcode Essentials. This is sold and supported exclusively by Basis Design. Please contact Basis Design for any sales or support questions as Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist customers with this product.
Information about Barcode Essentials can be found on the following links:

Barcode Essentials License Usage and Troubleshooting Information

  • Barcode Essentials is a separate product to Altiris Barcode Solution, however, it still requires on Altiris Barcode Solution licenses. For Barcode Essentials to be able to connect to an Altiris Symantec Management Platform server, the server must have at least one Altiris Barcode Solution license available for use.
  • When Barcode Essentials is in use, it will consume an Altiris Barcode Solution license. If the user only has one license but also wants to use this with a Widows Mobile device or the Symantec Barcode Console Application, a "license exceeded" warning will occur due to the license already being already in use by Barcode Essentials. This can be corrected by purchasing additional licenses from Symantec or by clearing the license usage in the Symantec Management Platform Console. The following article describes how to do remove Barcode license usage:

    Unable to release Barcode Solution licenses or the error "Barcode license is exceeded" occurs

    For more information on how Barcode Essential licenses work, refer to its licensing page:
  • Symantec Technical Support does not offer assistance for using or troubleshooting the Barcode Essentials app itself. This is sold and supported by Basis Design, its developer. Basis Design can be reached at Symantec Technical Support also does not offer assistance for using or troubleshooting an iPhone or iPad. These are sold and supported by Apple or the device's distributor (such as AT&T or Verizon). Depending on the issue, however, this may be more related to the Barcode server instead of Barcode Essentials. The way to determine this is if the user can reproduce the issue using a handheld scanner or using the Symantec Barcode Console Application, then this is likely a Barcode server issue. Please contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance with that. However, if the user only sees the issue when using Barcode Essentials, the user is instead requested to directly contact Basis Design for assistance.

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