How to setup the iDRAC on the SWG 8490 box.


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Note: By default the iDRAC card comes set for the LAN Parameters on the NIC as Shared mode.  You must set it to Dedicated mode for it to work.

  1. Hook up a Keyboard and Monitor to the appliance first.
  2. On post boot up of the SWG box do a <CTRL+E>
  3. This will get you into the iDRAC6 Configuration Utility.

  4. Click on LAN Parameters and press <Enter>
  5. Now you will see the next screen listed below.

  6. Click on NIC Selection and use the "SPACE, + or -" to change the setting to "Dedicated".
  7. ESC to exit back to last screen
  8. ESC again to exit and save the configuration.
  9. Now you should be able to use the iDRAC card.