HOW TO: Obtain Card ATR for smart card support with Symantec Encryption Desktop


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How to obtain smart card ATR.

This is useful when diagnosing issues related to a card that is supported by Symantec Encryption Desktop which is no longer working. Sometimes manufacturers produce newer revisions of a model with a newer ATR code. This may be requested by Symantec Technical Support to diagnose problems with Smart Cards and Symantec Encryption Desktop (formerly PGP Desktop).

Symantec Corporation recommends the first course of action is to contact the manufacturer of your smart card. Most Smart Card manufacturers have a way to obtain the ATR codes using their software client or can tell you the ATR code based on other information about the device.

This How To requires you to install a utility to obtain the ATR codes by downloading this software. If you are not comfortable doing this, we would strongly suggest you contact your manufacturer for assistance.

You can use the open source utility OpenSC. Download the utility from the project page on Sourceforge.


Click on the link at the top which says "Looking for the latest version? Download opensc-0.13.0.tar.gz" or something similar. This will take you to a link where you can download the latest version.

Or you can possibly obtain the software from their old project page here:

Here is the link to the Quick Start with OpenSC:

  1. Install the MiddleWare software for the smart card reader (such as Safenet Authentication Client or RSA Authentication Client)
  2. Install the OpenSC utility (downloaded from link above)
  3. Insert the smart card into the reader
  4. Open a command prompt and type # opensc-tool --list-readers (this will show 5 slots, but only two of them are used)
  5. Select the slot that your smart card is shown on and type # opensc-tool --reader 0 --atr (this will display the ATR code for that device)