How to install a Notification Server or Solutions Suite on a server without Internet access


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





How can I install a Solution or Suite, like Client Management Suite, on a Server that doesn't have access to the Internet? Is there a way to grab the files downloaded by Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager and transfer them to the server without Internet connection?


There is a way for downloading all the necessary components for installing the Notification Server and a specific Suite and then use them in an environment without Internet access. If your server does not have an Internet connection, you can access the installation files from a different computer and save the files to a destination accessible by the server (CD, network storage, USB drive, and so on). However, an Internet connection is required for product upgrades.

Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager has the option for Download Only. See the following steps for getting the files that you need for installing Notification Server and the Suite/Solution that you need.

To download and extract the installer files:

  1. Go to the Altiris Web site download page (
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Select the product you want to install (for example, Client Management Suite 6.0).
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Read and accept the license agreement.
  6. Click Download Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager.
  7. Click Run.
  8. Specify a location for the installer files and click one of the available options:
    • Extract & Execute App. The files will be extracted to the specified location, and the Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager will be launched. The Wizard will walk you through the installation of the product.
    • Extract Only. The installation files will only be extracted to the specified location. Choose this if you intend to copy the installation files to another computer or if you want to run the installation at another time. Then start the installer by running Setup.exe.

To install an Altiris Suite/Solution and Notification Server:

  1. Start the installer program if it is not already running. When you extracted the installer files, if you selected Extract & Execute App, the installer is already running. If you selected Extract Only, you can start the installer by running Setup.exe in the file extraction location (by default, the location is C:\Program Files\Altiris\Setup Files\AICM\product name\Data\Downloads).

    Note: If Notification Server is already installed and you run the install program, the Altiris Console will open to the Solution Center.
  2. Choose a product download option.
    Note: The first option is given as a reference, but the one that you need for an installation without Internet access is Download Only:
    • Download and install on the computer. You will be prompted for information needed for the installation and configuration of the product and Notification Server. At the same time, the needed files are being downloaded in the background. You can see the download progress at the bottom of the page.
    • Download only. This option can be used to copy the setup files to another computer for installation, possibly a computer without an Internet connection. To install the product on a different computer, copy all of the setup files onto a CD or the computer on which you want to run the installation. The setup files are located in the location specified when you extracted the installer files (by default, C:\Program Files\Altiris\Setup Files\AICM\product name\Data\Downloads).

When you are ready to install the product, run Setup.exe again and continue with the installation.

For more details about the steps that you need to follow for an installation with Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager, see article 25516, "Installing Altiris Products."