How to block ".flv" and ".swf" files on the Symantec Web Gateway


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Web Gateway




Create a Blacklist:

  1. Login to the SWG GUI.
  2. Click on Blacklist under the Policies.
  3. Click on "Add a Blacklist Entry"
  4. Give it a name.

    Change "Block Type" to "Block by file Extension".

    Change the "File Type" to "Video"
  5. In the "File Extension" add the "FLV and SWF" by separating then by a comma.
  6. Give it a Description,

    Set the "Severity"

    For the Category set it to as one of the "Custom Restricted List"
  7. Click on Save.


Create a Policy:

  1. Create a policy to use the blacklist.
  2. Click on "Configuration" under "Policies".
  3. Click on create a new policy or edit a existing policy.
  4. With the policy open scroll down to Spyware Category click on the "Add Category"
  5. Now "Select Category"  and change it to the "Custom Restricted List 1" if that is the one you set it up for. Then select the Action you want to take place.


  6. Now click on Save.
  7. Then Click on Save the changes to activate the policy.

Note: To avoid other policies from acting on the blacklist you will want to add the Spyware Category to your other policies and set it to either "Monitor or Allow".