How to determine if an Exchange folder was created by Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC)


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SESC creates folders for each user used for submitting spam to Symantec.  SESC puts custom MAPI properties on the folder that allow SESC avoid conflicts with folders already created with the same name.  This allows SESC to ensure it removes only folders that were created by SESC.

To view the custom property use the following steps:

NOTE:  This must be done on the user's computer because it uses the Outlook profile to view the folder information.

1. Download and run the following tool to a computer running Outlook 2007/2010:
2. Select Session|Logon from the menu to bring up the Choose Profile window.
3. Select the appropriate Outlook profile and click the OK button.  This displays the mailbox of the user in the top pane.
4. Double click the mailbox which changes the display to a tree view.
5. Expand Root - Mailbox|IPM_SUBTREE and then click on the SESC-created folder.  This displays a list of properties in the left hand side of the window.
6. If there is a property named 0x361c0102 then this folder was created by SESC.
7. Double click the property 0x361c0102 to display the property details and in the Text box is displayed information about Symantec.

Technical Information

Use the following steps to view the SESC configuration for folder name:

1. Open the SESC console.
2. Click on the Configuration pane.
3. The textboxes Moderator's folder and Submission Folder are the folder names created by SESC.


  • SESC 1.X


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