How to change the port that Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC) listens on?


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During installation of SESC the installer asks for a free network port.  The SESC web service listens on this port for notifications from the Exchange Client Access Server. 

This article provides steps on how to change the port that the SESC web service listens on.

1. Change port in IIS.

a. Start IIS manager from Start|Administrative Tools|Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
b. Click on <server>|Sites|Symantec Email Submission Client in the Connections pane.
c. Click on Actions|Bindings which brings up the Site Bindings window.
d. Select the http binding and click the Edit... button which bringss up the Edit Site Binding window.
e. Change the value of the Port textbox to the desired port and click the OK button to close the Edit Site Binding window.
f. Click the Close button on the Site Bindings window.
g. Click the Actions|Manage Web Site|Restart link to restart the web site.

2. Change registry

a. Start regedit and change the following registry key to the value of the port desired: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\SESC\1.0\Listener\Port

i. Double click on the registry key to bring up the Edit DWORD window.
ii. Cilck the Decimal radio option.
iii. Enter the desired value in the Value Data textbox.
iv. Click the OK button.

3. Restart the windows service Symantec Email Submission Client.

4. Perform a system update with "force submission". See the following article for steps: How to force Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC) to update Exchange Client Access Server (CAS) with new push notification subscription URL.


  • SESC 1.X