How to reset All Alerts in the Event Console
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How to reset All Alerts in the Event Console


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Monitor Solution IT Management Suite


There are certain instances where you may see alerts in the Event Console that do not seem to resolve correctly. In some cases, these alerts may be old or aged. In these situations, it is advisable to "reset" all Alerts in the Event Console.


ITMS 7.x, 8.x
Monitor Solution 7.x, 8.x


Here are the steps top perform a full "Event Console Reset':

1)      Close the Symantec Management  Platform.  Access the  SQL DB that  the Symantec Management Platform SMP reports to and run the following commands:
delete from ec_alert
delete from ec_alert_pooled
***Please note that this will delete any record of previous alerts.  In actuality, these alerts will all eventually be purged based on the Event Console Purging definition. The goals here is to “reset’ or ”clear” all event from Event Console.***
2)      Reset all Monitor Agent systems. This will reset all triggered rules on each monitor agent system back to a severity state of Normal. If any condition exceeds the thresholds for currently defined rules for each agent, it will then trigger and you should updated ad accurate alert data into the event console. To “reset all monitor agents”, simply run the “Reset Monitored Resource” tasks:
  1. In the Console, access:  Home Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor Jobs and Tasks 
  2. Right-click Tasks and choose New Task 
  3. Under the Monitoring and Alerting folder, select Reset Monitored Resource, then OK 

  4. then go under Manage>Jobs and Tasks>Monitoring and Alerting>Monitor>Tasks>Reset Monitored Resource and you can apply the task to the specific Target or Filter that contains all of the Monitor Agents in the environment.