How do I configure the Notification Server to only publish HTTPS package codebases?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





What are the steps to configure the Notification Server to only publish HTTPS codebases?


  1. In the Notification Server agent configuration policy, set the alternate URL for HTTPS communication.
  2. Modify coresettings.config to publish HTTP codebases only, removing the option to also publish UNC codebases. This is done by opening the NS Configurator and searching for GenerateNSUNCPackageCodebases.  Once the setting has been found change the value to "0". This will ensure that no UNC codebases are returned to the Altiris Agent whether it is a Package Server or a client computer.
  3. Update the configuration on all installed agents so that they communicate via SSL. This will happen automatically over time as each managed computer checks-in with the NS.
  4. Modify IIS on the Notification Server to only allow HTTPS connections to the Altiris Web site.
  5. Restart the Altiris server service on the Notification Server.
  6. Start the NS.Package Refresh scheduled task on the Notification Server and let it run until it completes successfully.