How to set up a Notification Policy which will e-mail the results of a report


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How to set up a Notfication Policy which will e-mail the results of a report?

Here are the step to email the results of a report

  1. First, a report must be created if one does not exist that fits your needs. Please refer to the NS documentation on how to create a report.
  2. A Notification Policy needs to be created. In the Notification Server Console go to Tasks > Software Management > Software Delivery > Windows, right-click on Notification Policies, choose New and then Notification Policy.
  3. The two important next options are to choose a Source and Action Type. The Name and the Schedule of when that Action should happen is your preference.
  4. In the Source section, choose Select a report and choose the report which you want to send. You will want to choose a report that does not have a drop-down range options.
  5. Under the Add Action Type, use the drop-down and choose E-mail Automated Action. The Automated Action window will show.
  6. Give this action a Name and choose the Enabled check box.
  7. For a email report, it is wise to choose only Execute Only Once since its an email and not an incident creation action or remediation action.
  8. To Address needs to be filled with proper email addresses and give it a relevant Subject.
  9. The most import is the Message field. To email the results of a report you will need to add this:


Note: It must be exact syntax as above with a capital R.

Another thing that can be done which is beneficial is to grab the URL from the report and put it in the body of the Message. To get the URL, run the report in a New Window, copy the URL from your Internet browser and paste it in the body of the message. It cannot be a hyperlink when e-mailed, so you will need to tell your recipients of this e-mail to paste the URL into your browser.

Example Message:

Here are the results of the computer which have not had a config request in seven days:


To run this report, copy and paste this URL into your Internet browser:

Please investigate this issue. Thanks.