How to create a command line shortcut


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How do I create a command line shortcut?


1.  Select Installation Expert -> Shortcuts page.

2.  From the Current Feature drop down menu, select a feature or condition. (Because any item you add must be assigned to a specific feature, you cannot add an item when All Features is selected.) 

3.  Click Add at the right of the Shortcuts page. The Shortcut Type dialog appears.

4.  Mark the Command Line radio button option.  Mark this to have the shortcut execute a command line statement. Use this option to open a file that is not part of the installation but only if you are sure the file exists on the destination computer.

Command Line:
Enter the entire command line statement, including arguments and other command line options.  Enclose the statement in quotation marks if it contains spaces.

Shortcut Name:
Enter a name for the shortcut.

5.  Click Next.

6. The Shortcut Destination Directory dialog appears.
Specify a directory to contain the shortcut.  The predefined directories on this dialog represent standard system directories on the destination computer, regardless of their actual names. The most common location for application shortcuts is the Start menu's Programs directory, which is selected by default. To put the shortcut in a new directory, click New Folder to create it.

7.  Click Finish.

The Shortcut Details dialog appears, where you can specify further details for the shortcut.  When the end user installs your application, this shortcut will appear in the location you specified.