SIDgen vs. Sysprep
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SIDgen vs. Sysprep


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Does Altiris support SIDgen? When should SIDgen be used as opposed to Sysprep?


Although SIDgen is the product developed by Altiris to assign unique SIDs during the imaging process, Altiris decided to adopt Sysprep as an industry standard utility for performing this task. As such, Altiris recommends the use of Sysprep, and does not support the use of SIDgen in an environment where Sysprep is an available option.

However, Sysprep is not a viable option in every environment. Specifically, it has been found that Sysprep will not work with HP ThinClient computers. In this case, SIDgen is recommended, and Altiris will provide support to help customers resolve any issues they are having with SIDgen. As of this writing, no further development on the SIDgen product is expected.