How to Generate pcAnywhere log files on a central server


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Symantec pcAnywhere lets you send information about pcAnywhere events to a central server so that others can accessit. Sending log files to a secure, central server protects the security of the log files and frees the resources on the local computer from storing large log files.

To generate pcAnywhere log files on another computer
1 In the Symantec pcAnywhere window, on the Edit menu, click Preferences.
2 In Windows, the operating system might prompt you to approve this action. You do not receive this prompt if you are logged on to the built-in administrator account.
3 In the pcAnywhere Options window, on the Event Logging tab, checkEnable pcAnywhere log generation.
4 Check Record pcAnywhere log on central server.
5 In the Path box, type the full path to the location on the server in which you want to generate the log file.
6 To specify the authentication information needed to access the server, click Advanced.
7 In the Authentication Information dialogbox, in the Username box, type your username.
8 In the Password box, type your password.
9 If you are connecting to a Windows Vista/XP/2003Server/2000 hostand have been assigned to a domain, in the Domain box, type your domain name.
10 Click OK. This returns you to the Event Logging tab from which you can test your connection or select the events that you want to log.
See “GeneratingapcAnywherelogfile”on page 237 of the user guide (pcauser.pdf).
11 In the pcAnywhere Options window, click OK.