How to set an Environment variable as a variable in your script


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How do I set an environment variable as a variable in Wisescript?

The Get Environment Variable script action copies a Windows Environment variable to a script variable. You can determine what Environment variables exist on a computer by entering Set in the DOS Prompt.  To manually enter new Environment variables into a computer, go to Control Panel > System >  Advanced tab > Environment Variables

In the Get Environment Variable dialog in the Wise product, you can specify which environment variable to get, and which variable to put its value.

Populate the Get Environment Variable action as shown below:

  • Environment Variable. The name of the Windows environment variable you want to retrieve.
  • Variable Name. The name of the script variable you want to store the value in.
  • Default Value. The value, if any, that should be stored in the script variable specified above if the specified environment variable is not found.
  • Remove File Name. If the environment variable typically contains a path to a file name, and you want to obtain the path to the directory that contains the file, mark this checkbox. This does not apply to the default path. If you mark the Remove File Name checkbox, do not specify a file name in the Default Value field.