How to exclude Wireless/virtual adapters being detected and reported by AClient


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Wireless/Virtual adapters, such as VPN clients or other "logical network adapters" are detected and picked up by AClient as the primary adapter. This might create duplicate computer identifications if the MAC address is used as the unique indexing key. It might also cause reporting of a IP address when the adapter isn't in use.

For example, running AClient on a computer having a VPN client installed.

The virtual adapter (VPN Client) is reported as the primary network interface; this cannot be changed as the primary network interface is whichever is "brought up first."

Furthermore, when the virtual adapter isn't used but another network interface allows connecting to the Deployment Solution server, an IP of is reported, as the virtual adapter is not in use.


You can filter out MAC addresses that you don't want listed or considered based on supplying the information in the file customdata.ini in the AClient installation directory.

The customdata.ini file is read at startup of the client and merged with the dynamic.ini file.

You should create a copy of the default (sample) dynamic.ini file present in the AClient installation directory. You should create a resulting customdata.ini that contains at least one named section [Filters].

An example of such a file filtering a virtual adapter with the MAC address of CCCCCCCCCCCC would be


Multiple addresses can be seperated with a comma:


The customdata.ini can be copied to the client and restart the aclient service