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What would the command line be for installing a .msp (patch) file?


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Is it possible to run a .MSP patch file through a command line so the patch can be pushed out with Software Delivery or a Deployment Server "Run Script" job?

Yes, you should be able to run the MSP from the command line and even pass it the /qb switch without it failing.  The correct command line can contain the MSI file as well, although it's optional.  See the following examples:

msiexec /p msipatch.msp /qb

msiexec /i A:\Example.msi PATCH=msipatch.msp;msipatch2.msp /qb

msiexec /update msipatch.msp /qb

Note: if Windows does not have the MSI package already installed, then the update can fail if it doesn't include the MSI file.