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When launching Wise Package Studio, the Login Prompt appears with Admin as the User, the password field left blank, and Workbench Database as the Security type.

When entering my username and password It does not allow me to login. It displays one of these errors:

1. A license has not been assigned for XX user. Please contact administrator for license assignment.

2.Invalid Password.

Wise Package Studio

This Login box is often used for those who have the Enterprise Version of Wise Package Studio. Those who are using simply the Professional Version for repackaging need not alter any information in this login dialog.

You can change these login credentials for the Workbench, but this does not use the Windows credentials by default.


Professional version only:
Leave the Username as Admin, and the password Blank. These are the default settings for this dialog. Click OK and it should launch Wise Package Studio into the Workbench.

Enterprise Edition:
If you are using the Enterprise Version and you have added the Enterprise License to the installation you can input your credentials here to launch Wise Package Studio Enterprise Edition.

If you would like to change the username and password for this login, click on the Security Setup Icon in the Workbench of Wise Package Studio. From here select the "WPS Administrators" category and select Admin. You can change this here.